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top02% roza - GLitch ov Batumi

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Artur, who stays behind roza project, hails from Kharkiv, Ukraine, but nowadays he lives in Poland. All his music sounds, according to him, in a russian-kosmicshamanhypnocontactee style. Hell of a description, but it suits roza's tracks very well.

What we really like about the album is that it's almost impossible to characterize it in a matter of specific musical genre or style. This is the music which can be depicted in such terms as “good” or “attractive”, or “visionary” or “surreal” but not “rock”, “hip-hop”, “glitch”, “negerpunk” or whatever is usually on your iPod/Winamp.

“GLitch ov Batumi” is definitely one of the best albums we received this year and we're really happy and proud to share this music with you – we really hope it's not the latest piece from the wonderful roza project. And he already promised to send us more stuff. Let the beat contact your body...

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  • 08 июля 2008, 09:38
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