[Ill053] Tim Ballista - Flux 2011

[ill053] Tim Ballista - Flux 2011

Artist: Tim Ballista
Name: Flux
Release Date: 01-03-2011
Style, IDM / Hard IDM
Label: illphabetik
Format: Free Net-release (MP3)
Bitrate: 320

1. Tim Ballista - m6 (2:22)
2. Tim Ballista - d312 (2:35)
3. Tim Ballista - x (3:20)
4. Tim Ballista - g260 (4:34)
5. Tim Ballista - Meat Pie (4:50)
6. Tim Ballista - f214 (5:59)
7. Tim Ballista - Helicopter (4:39)
8. Tim Ballista - Alien Scape Contact (4:34)
9. Tim Ballista - Marevo (5:49)
10. Tim Ballista - MuOn (2:36))

Tim Ballista is an electronic project fond of dark atmospheres and sound design, based in Moscow.
Tim Ballista tells stories about the form and journeys through time and space. Tim adheres the philosophy of describing everything he sees around through the prism of speed and sonic expressions.
Tim changes in time and he examines various styles of electronic music. The forthcoming albums, covering all the bays of electronic music, will illustrate the variety of his interests.
Flux, however, is focused on various forms of Hard IDM and Breakcore. Tracks were written during 2 years and show the relationship between one person and glitchy world around him, full of unseen creatures and unknown forces.
Artwork made by RA - http://opacity.ru/
All tracks written, produced and mastered by Tim - http://soundcloud.com/timballista

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